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🍷🍷 10% when you buy 6+ use code: BOTTLES🍷🍷
🚛 Free Same Day Delivery (Melb Metro–18km) 👀 2 Bottle Minimum 🚛 Order Before 12pm 👀 - 🍷🍷 10% when you buy 6+ use code: BOTTLES 🍷🍷

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Juice Box©

Monthly Wine
Subscription by D.I.T.C!

Welcome to our Monthly Juice Box subscription.
Wine delivered direct to your door, every month.
Simply choose your quantity, your style and your preferred flavour and we'll bring you a box that represents the highlight reel of the vinous world for the given month.

Detailed notes are included in each box.
Check the Juice Box FAQ's here.

Set, forget, receive, drink!


Email our cru: juicebox@ditc.wine

Customise Your
Juice Box

Bottles Per Month? Price Point? What's Your Style? Need Help? What's Your Flavour?

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Terms & Conditions

So this is how it works

When you initially subscribe to the DITC monthly Juice Box, you will be charged for the following month’s wines. For example, place your order by the 30th of the month to commence your subscription/receive your wine at the start of the new month. Following this, subscriptions will be charged automatically on the 1st day of each month.

All subscriptions will then be dispatched on the 3rd day of each month and delivered on the same day if you live in Melbourne Metro (within 15km) and within 2-5 days if you live in regional Victoria or interstate (outside 15km).

The good news is that whilst we recommend getting it in by the end of the month, we will actually take orders for the month’s subscription right up to the 5th of a given month, giving you more time to jump aboard the moving train, a moving train full of delicious grape juice.

For example, if you sign up on 4th of October, we will dispatch wine to you the next day and include you in October’s Subscription, with payment then being charged on the 1st of each month thereafter.

You can Cancel or pause your subscription at any time, and change your delivery details at any time. For more information please contact juicebox@ditc.wine