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Since 2010, we've been diggin' deep in the cellars of the great growers and vignerons of the world, and working with who we consider to be the most exciting producers and importers in Australia.  From the cold, damp cellars of Europe, to the wine roads we all know and love here in Australia, we're obsessed with sourcing wines that speak of a time and place, and sharing them with you.

To that end, we pour these wines by the glass, and offer them by the bottle in our wine bars -Toorak Cellars, Milton Wine Shop, The Alps Wine Shop, The Hills and The Moon. And now, we're excited to offer these wines direct to your door here at DITC.WINE

When selecting wines to offer in our venues, and online, we have a very simple philosophy... We strongly believe that great wine should speak loudly and clearly of the soil from which it came, and that whilst the hand of the winemaker is a necessary part of wine travelling through fermentation, this assistance should leave its presence undetected.

We love wine deeply, and we spend every waking hour (and some not waking) thinking and dreaming about it. Wine is one of the true joys of life where science, geography, social studies, philosophy, psychology, and the arts meet. But when all is said and done, it’s just a drink! So act accordingly, and drink up (responsibly, of course).

We hope that you find the same joy in these wines that we do. It is our immense pleasure to share them with you.