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Sicilian Sunshine | 3-Pack


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Nuzzella was founded in 2014 when Nicola Oteri and his wife Norma purchased an old olive grove and vineyard planted to native varieties of nerello mascalese and carricante. 

The vineyard is characterised by the combination of two distinct soils: the “white lands”—sedimentary rocks not involved in lava eruption and the “black lands”—the result of lava flows that have occurred over time. The locals chris- tened this tongue of lava-based soils “terremorte” (dead lands) in reference to the powerful red river.

Nicola and Norma farm organically and utilise the growth of local legumes and grasses to encourage biodiversity and natural pest control.

2020 'Una Giornata Al Mare'

Salty, fleshy carricante (90%) and cataratto (10%) are macerated for fifteen days then slumbered for nine months in the cool of stainless steel. 

A significantly textural wine, waxy in disposition, firmed by pithy citrus. Best interlaced with grilled seafood.

2019 'Scarina'

Not rosé, but rosato—wildly delicious, but as serious as Christopher Walken.

Made from two picks, one on 1 Sep for crispness, the next on 1 Oct for ripeness, it breathes freely during barrel ferment imbuing a generous texture. It then slumbers in stainless for nine months before bottling. 

2020 'Selmo'

Half carbonic maceration, half destemmed nerello mascalese macerated for seventy(!) days then napped in old French oak for eighteen months before release.

A cool mineral core enveloped by fresh red fruit and crushed herbs. Immensely delicious and complex, a large glass is ally.