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Frank Cornelissen 'Munjebel' Perpetuum 2 Vino Rosso

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Place: Mt. Etna - Sicily, Italy

Variety: Nerello Mascalese

Farming: Organic

'Our farming philosophy is based on our acceptance of the fact that man will never be able to understand nature’s full complexity and interactions. We therefore choose to concentrate on observing and learning the movements of Mother Earth in her various energetic and cosmic passages and prefer to follow her indications as to what to do, instead of deciding ourselves. Consequently this has taken us to avoiding all possible interventions on the land we cultivate, including any treatments, whether chemical, organic, or biodynamic, as these are all a mere reflection of the inability of man to accept nature as she is and will be.' - Frank Cornelissen 

Perpetuum is a version of Munjebel born for the first time in 2021. With this project, Frank Cornelissen wants to take a step back to the origins of Munjebel where two vintages were blended to obtain old-school wines. This path was abandoned with the 2012 vintage in search of more precise products.

For all fans of the first Munjebel, this cuvée is a dream:
the solera is made up of 4 vintages, 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2019 coming mostly from the Piano dei Daini district, Crasà district. Spontaneous fermentation takes place in fiberglass containers with maceration on the skins for 50 days. This is followed by an aging of at least 18 months and a period of approximately 6 months of rest in the bottle.

This is just the starting point of Frank Cornelissen's Perpetuo method: for the first vintage, 25% of the wine was bottled, to which the 2020 vintage will be added to fill the wine tank and so on with the following years.