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2019 Alessandro Salvano 'Outside'


Place: Montelupo Albese — Piedmont, ITA

Variety: Nebbiolo

Farming: Organic

The producer

Alessandro was born into the vinous world with both of his grandparents being winemakers. After finishing his studies at the Scuola Enologica in Alba, he went to work at numerous addresses in Barolo and Barbaresco. After travel abroad he returned to Italy in May 2017 and commenced working at the iconic estate, Borgogno, in Barolo where he would work for three years.

In 2019 Alessandro begun making his own wine, purchasing some fruit from his uncle’s vineyard in Montelupo Albese, the very unprestigious ‘outside the Barolo zone’ region to the east of Serralunga, inspiring the 'Drink Wine Not Labels' mantra.

The farming here is undertaken by hand and no synthetic herbicides or pesticides are used. Alessandro has now moved his own tanks and barrels into the winery.

The wines represent new lights in the spectrum of these grapes. Freshness, vivacity and exuberant energy define the wines and being only the third vintage, the future is incredibly bright here.

The wine

As per the above, Outside refers to Alessandro's position a stone's throw too far from the Barolo zone. It almost reaches the same ageing requirement as Barolo (38 months total, 18 in oak) at 30 months total. Immensely approachable now, but with power to support it for many years yet.