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Young, Wild & Free Pack


Young, Fresh and Fancy Free...

Welcome to our latest Young, Wild & Free pack, a selection of wines that share a common thread of vivacity and free spirit!

A variation on a theme with 6 wines that ride the wave of raw, uninhibited vitality. Designed with drink-ability in mind, and a care free ease to their approach. 

We hope you enjoy these very fun wines!

2021 Good Pets Pinot Noir Pet Nat - King Valley (Vic)

Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris sourced mainly from the King Valley that goes into bottle with some remaining fermentation miles to walk. Fresh, juicy and full of life, it tastes like watermelon and summer berries having a pool party in your mouth. Good boy!

2021 Minim 'Floyd' Nero d'Avola - Heathcote (Vic)

2021 Floyd is all about the enjoyment of Nero D’Avola in its most youthful and vibrant form. Juicy, vivid and bright fruit aromas and flavours of ripe, dark berries with a scent of violets leap from the first glass of this delightful wine from Tim Sproal Then fine soft tannins provide a silky texture with a bit of grip to the palate. Cap it off with a long, refreshing finish. Best drunk chilled from an esky at the beach.

2021 Kanenas 'Xanthe' Fiano - Mildura (Vic)

Sustainably farmed Fiano made by Steve Kimonides (of Burn City Smokers fame) at the fun factory that is Konpira Maru. ‘Xanthe’ is the derivative of the Greek word “Xanthos” meaning yellow or blonde. The label hints at the yellow apple character that leaps from the glass, and what Fiano is famous for. Don’t think, just drink.

2019 Garganuda Valpolicella - Veneto (Ita)

Gargunda is a beacon of freshness and vitality in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. This is Valpolicella through a very new lense and we love it! Close your eyes and you could be mistaken for thinking this is Beaujolais. Bright and crunchy red fruits, laissez faire structure and nourishment that will see a bottle depart quickly! Doesn't mind a little chill.

2021 BK Carbonic Pinot Noir - Adelaide Hills (Sa)

This is a unique wine in the BK winery as it sees three weeks in a very old antique large wooden cuvee under full carbonic maceration (as the name suggests). This is a concentrated and sense expression of pinot noir that could easily be mistaken for light syrah. It has cherry driven fruit purity and a moreish juiciness that keeps your arm reaching for another glass. 

2021 Express Winemakers 'L'Orange' - Great Southern (Wa)

Every...bloody...time...Ryan O'Meara just keeps coming up with bangers, this time it's skin-fermented Riesling and Semillon from the very special organically farmed vineyard in Frankland River. Perfect balance of fruit, skin, acid and texture make this a very complete wine.