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2018 Manon APQ + Cherry Cider 750mL


Region: Forest Range - Adelaide Hills, SA

Variety: Apple, Pear, Quince, Cherry


Manon Farm is perched high up (600masl) on the Forest Range ridge of the Adelaide Hills. The ridge was formed some 600 million years ago during the Cambrian period and as such there is a great complexity of very, very old rocks. The abundance of quartz and mica makes for very mineral driven wines. The farm is 25 acres in total with 15 of that devoted to vines which have been planted progressively since 1993. The vines are dry farmed and the land is tended with biodynamic practices. They don't wish to control nature but, rather, work with it. This approach allows for a truly diverse working farm with vines, orchards, vegetables and native forest. In the words of their distributor, Cam: 'this is one of the most important farms in South Australia'.

‘From the 2018 harvest where the quinces and pear were bountiful. Pulped fruits (apple, pear, quince) pressed through meadow hay, cut from the farm and put to barrel at the end of autumn in 2018. Left untopped until the following December when the barrel was topped with wild cherries - pips and all. The following apple harvest (May 2019) we added a touch of fresh juice for re-fermentation and bottled under crown seal - 21 months ago! All fruits are organically farmed or wild harvested. This beverage is the ideal aperitif - if you enjoy an oyster, the pairing is perfect. A fruity and a refreshing drink, ideal when seeking something lower in alcohol and higher in life. Like our wine, this cider remains raw and living. One barrel minus what we have already drunk ourselves…’ - Notes from the winemakers, Monique & Tim