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BK Wines Chardonnay Pack


Brendon and Kirsty Keys run one of the all time winemaking outfits of Australia from their castle perched atop of a rocky outcrop in the Adelaide Hill's Basket Range. The winery is a hub of creativity, passion, fun and oenological wonder. The wines get better with every vintage as relationships with growers endure, lessons learnt from the North return home and winemaking shows ever increasing restraint.

This Chardonnay release is a collection of boundary pushing, imaginative and highly delicious expressions of the Adelaide Hills.

2020 Gin Gin - Piccadilly

So you fancy yourself a bit of a grapevine geek (that’s cool… everyone needs a hobby) and thought GinGin was the same clone as Mendoza? Ah ha – that’s where you’re wrong! Pour yourself a glass and read up, sunshine. But for the rest of the class, let’s just focus instead on the Old-World beauty that is GinGin. A clone from California, perhaps, but a wine with all of the hallmarks of the Jura. Golden to the eye with an open, slightly oxidative nose (think cashew nuts). Juniper berries and alpine wild flowers with a fresh, rounded texture. Born in the Piccadilly Valley not far from Swaby geographically, made identically in the winery, but ultimately continents apart stylistically.

2020 Yandra - Lenswood

This is one of our very favourite vineyards for many reasons – some personal, some vinous – so being able to feature a single-vineyard Chardonnay from this spot is a particular delight. Given the slendour of the discreet little valley from which it hails, little wonder it glints like sunshine in the glass. On the nose this is a huge, happy bouquet of flowers with a waxy, honeycomb thread. A velvety front palate and flavours deep into the melon spectrum with a crispy zip to finish. As any reasonable parent knows, you never really love one of your children more than the others, but there are those that are pretty easy to like. Yandra is enormously likeable.

2020 The Fall - Carey Gully

Each one of this vintage’s Chardonnays is an experience in itself, but it’s hard for us not to talk about them in relation to one another (and we recommend you give the comparisons a go). The Fall, in contrast to Swaby, is liltingly perfumed and considerably more voluptuous and approachable than its sister from just up a hill and down a dale and back up a precipitous climb. Same Chardonnay clone but with different soils and aspects, the effect of terroir is unmistakeable. The Fall is green apples and blossoms, with the citric tang of Rose’s Lime Cordial. Soft, striking and truly lovely.

Notes from Brendan Keys