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2019 La Fralluca 'Elice' Vermentino


Place: Suvereto - Tuscany, Italy 

Variety: Vermentino


The territory of Suvereto, stretches between the red of the Metalliferous Hills and the blue of the Tyrrhenian sea in Tuscany’s coastal southern tip. The hills here are gentle in shape but have an extremely stony and calcareous soil whilst the temperature can be mild and pleasant or cut the skin when the north winds blow.

It is here in 2008 that Francesca and Luca’s wine journey graduated from intense passion to commercial reality, after leaving a life in fashion behind in Milan. I asked Lucca if he minded the risk at this time, leaving everything he knew for a new life on the land, to which he replied: ‘It’s too risky to keep dreams in the drawer.’ And luckily for us, that dream is very much out of the drawer, manifesting in wines of intense personality and presence

Like much of this region, La Fralluca is famous for wines produced by the French Varietals brought to the region at the beginning of the 19 th Century by Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi before her famous broher was exiled to the nearby island of Elba. However it was the wines made of Vermentino and Sangiovese that captured our attention here, especially the single vineyard ‘Elice’ Vermentino that comes from a south facing, intensely steep slope of pure limestone. We implore you to seek this wine out.